June Issue: Cardiac Devices for Heart Failure, Using EHR Data for Research and QI, More

“When nurses practice real self-care, they come to a place of self-respect, learn to hear their own voice, and recognize when their expressed needs are ignored. “—Emily Stice Laker in her Viewpoint article, “Nurses Need More Than Self-Care”

The June issue of AJN is now live. Here’s what’s new. Some articles may be free only to subscribers.

CE: Guideline-Directed Cardiac Devices for Patients with Heart Failure

The author reviews current device therapies for heart failure and uses a composite case to demonstrate how bedside nurses can help patients understand treatment options, potential complications of implantation, and post-op care.

Special Feature: Assessing EHR Data for Use in Clinical Improvement and Research

This article introduces nurses to the secondary analysis of EHR data, first outlining the steps in data acquisition and then describing a theory-based process for evaluating data quality and cleaning the data.

Nursing Research, Step by Step: Diagnostic Studies: Measures of Accuracy in Nursing Research

This article, one in a series on clinical research by nurses, reviews the use of diagnostic and screening tests and tools in nursing research and clinical practice.

Distrust of Public Health’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why so many Americans have pushed back against pandemic mitigation measures—and what nurses can do to help rebuild trust in public health institutions.

Storytelling as a Tool for Nurses and Nursing Students

The authors outline a narrative writing process they developed to help nurses cope with job-related stress.

There’s much more in our June issue, including:

  • An In the News article on progress in dementia care.
  • An AJN Reports on finding clinical placements for NP students.
  • A book review of Paul Spiegelman and Britt Berrett’s Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead.

Click here to browse the table of contents and explore the issue on our website.

A note on the cover.

On this month’s cover, a participant in the adult day program at the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) takes part in an art class. The nurse-led center, part of FAU’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, is a state-designated memory disorder clinic that aims to promote the well-being of people with Alzheimer disease and related dementias and their family caregivers.

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